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As I am writing this, the temperature is 74, the sun is shining brightly, and the daffodil shoots in my yard are at least 4” tall. All of this means that Easter will be full of flowers. My yard will be a riot of daffodils, hyacinths, and magnolia. I can hardly wait. But before we can get to Easter there are some days ahead that will require some patience. The false summer will not last. We know that cold and rainy days are ahead.

Our Lenten study of Esther is revealing that same patience is required just to get through life. There are days full of joy, like Esther’s coronation and days of patience when it is cold and not very friendly as Hamman (the villain) arrives on the scene to cause problems. Lent is that time when we can reflect on both the days of joy and patience. Don’t know the story of Esther? There is still time to join us and be with us as we reveal the exciting conclusion as God works behind the scenes. 


Blessings to you and yours this Lenten season.

Grace and Peace,

 Pastor Mark


This morning I have just heard Billy Graham has gone home to be with the Lord. Dr. Graham was 99 years old at his passing. He was counselor to presidents, titans of industry, and remotely to children and grown ups through out the world.  When a Billy Graham crusade was on the television, our house would stop to listen. Dr. Graham was a great influence on me and a great comforter to my mother. When he would take the pulpit, I would think of how grand a figure he appeared to be. Yet in an interview (I cannot remember who conducted it) when asked what he thought Jesus would ask him when he got to heaven Dr. Graham wondered if he had read the Bible enough. Grand and humble. I relish the experience of hearing Dr. Graham’s preaching.