All are journeying.

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Dear Friends,

July!! Ice Cream, Aerial Bombs, and Jesus

We have worked our way through June with Annual Conference, Vacation Bible School, and Family Promise. June traditionally has been a busy month. This one has been right in there.

Family Promise saw one of our families graduate into their own home. This transition to a sustainable, self-reliance for the family is such a privilege to see happen.

In July, we are looking forward to the July 4th parade. It is a good place for us to show our 200-year pride in ministry. We hope you can come out, walk or ride with us as we show our new banner and enthusiasm for God’s grace in our ministry


Finally, July is a season of vacations and distractions. We get to enjoy family picnics, fireworks displays, weekend drives, and sitting in the yard gazing at the lightning bugs. As we settle into our summer don’t forget to continue your tithes and offerings.

In the meantime.

See you Sunday.

God Bless, Pastor Mark