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June 1 is the start of summer. I know what the almanacs and the weather people say about the sun rising above the 23° 44' parallel but to me it is June 1. The days are long and the temperature is starting to rise. The backyard grills are getting fired up with the smell of burgers and steaks drifting over the neighborhoods. Neighbors some out of their winter hibernation and lean on rakes to talk while flowers, tomatoes and weeds grow in the yard. June is a good month.


Here at First, the month is busy as we kick off summer by heading to Lakeside, Ohio to the annual gathering we call Conference. It is here we learn what is happening throughout the church and decide the direction of our West Ohio Conference. The Unity Alliance Picnic will be on the 16th. Twenty-five churches will be coming together to get to know one another and have fun with other believers. If you have not attended this event you should, it is a great time. Vacation Bible School is the week of the 17th here at First. Zion Lutheran and Esperanza Viva will be partnering with us to ensure the children will learn about Jesus and have fun in the process. Finally, on the 23rd youth from Illinois and Michigan will take up residence for the night as they prepare for mission work in our city. They will also worship with us on Sunday the 24th. Should be more fun.


June is also the month when vacations begin to take place. Don’t let your giving go on vacation with you. We will need your support all summer long to keep our programs running.



Blessings to you all,

Pastor Mark