All are journeying.
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Dear Friends,

June is just Bustin' Out All Over as the old song goes. We have the annual conference at Lakeside, where the business of the church gets done and we learn what is new around the conference. This is held June 4-7 with the theme “Do Not Be Afraid, Facing the Future. 

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is next in fellowship with Zion Lutheran Church and Esperanza Viva. This year’s theme is “Hero Central” running June 12-16.  The past two years of joint VBS has allowed Bible learning to our young folks and the added cross-cultural learning we and our children need to better understand each other.

The Unity picnic on the 17th is a time of fun and music for the whole family. This will be our sixth year of joining in the fun atmosphere the picnic creates.

Things are happening at First. Tell your friends and neighbors about the good things we are able to experience and learn. While you are at it, tell a stranger about what your church is doing in the community and with each other.


                  See you Sunday.

                              God Bless

                                     Pastor Mark