All are journeying.
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Hello friends,  

November is the month of turkeys, Thanksgiving, big football games and families. The calendar here at First United Methodist is slowing down a bit after all of the activities of October. It is a time when we need to concentrate on those most dear to us.

We would like to urge you to vote on the seventh. Hamilton's city council is up for election as is the other municipal, and trustees. These elections determine how our cities, townships and villages are run. These elections are where most national politicians get their start in public service. There are two state issues and the Children's Services levy is up for renewal. This election is important.

On the fourteenth we will have a church wide potluck. In this time of shootings, and disruptions, we have asked Bob Sutton to address how we as ordinary people can help in these situations. Church members of all ages should hear and be a part of this program. Bob has been involved in this work for many years. He is an international consultant and trainer.  You will find the Sandy Hook Promise event useful if you are a teenager, a senior citizen or anywhere in between.

We hope your Thanksgiving is full of fun, food and blessings.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark