All are journeying.

First United Methodist Church
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Hamilton, OH  45011
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Sunday Services
9:00 a.m. - Praise Service
10:45 a.m. - Traditional Service
4:00 p.m. - Hispanic Service

Hello everyone,

All of a sudden, we are in the month of transitions. Days are getting shorter faster (I know they are not, it just seems so for me) and the temperature is getting down to a more tolerable level when we are outside readying the flower and herb beds for the winter. Leaves have begun to fall to give us a sample of what October will be like.


Our Sunday school classes are transitioning to talking about the basis for the movie I Can Only Imagine.  Mike Wheeler’s class, located at the bottom of the steps, in the West Alcove will be showing a video and having discussions around the topics in the movie. The class across Fellowship Hall in the East Alcove will be showing videos as well and having discussions about the movie in a different way.  Either way the discussions will be centered around our sermon series of the same name. Topics of the sermon series are: Imagine Approval – based on Matthew 3:13-17; Imagine Forgiveness – based on Luke 15:11-20; Imagine Redemption based on Luke 4:16-21; and Imagine Going Home, based on John 14. Then on Friday, September 28, we will be showing the movie, I Can Only Imagine in Fellowship Hall. 


All of this kicks off on Rally Sunday September the 9th in both services.


We look forward to seeing you through this exciting month.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Mark