All are journeying.

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Dear Friends,

It’s May! As Alan J. Lerner put it in the musical Camelot, “The lusty month of May!”

This is the month that almost makes us forget about February and March. Flowers are in full bloom all-around us. We get the aroma of fresh grass from the new mown lawns. May is a glorious month where, as Mr. Lerner puts it, “everyone goes blissfully astray.”

As the baseball season begins for the little league, the yard mowing begins, the grill heats up, and we dream of our vacation spots, we need to be mindful of drifting too far away. Like the parable of the lost sheep, we have a tendency to wander off (not really meaning to) in our own pursuits. You remember the parable. The shepherd notices that one of the flock is gone and goes in search of the lost lamb. When the shepherd finds it, he hoists it on his shoulders and carries it back to a joyous reception.

As we wander and wonder at this wonderful time before us, let’s stay focused on the one who made May “that delightful holiday” in the first place.


Blessings to you and yours.

Grace and Peace,


Pastor Mark