All are journeying.

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The evenings are coming earlier this time of year. Not more than two months ago you could be in your yard working at eight o’clock and the neighbors would not think a thing of it. Now if you are out working, they would wonder about your sensibility as you rake leaves or, as I do, blow them about at eight in the evening.  You get some strange looks the next day from your neighbors after an evening of leaf blowing. They wave more cautiously, avoid eye contact, and get into their cars a little faster. It is interesting how perceptions change as time moves on.

This month is a good month to slow down before the business of the Christmas season sends us into a flurry of activities and shopping. A time to look to see what we really need and check our perceptions of what this coming season should look like. Do we really need to do all of the things we used to do or is a quieter more sensible approach to Christmas needed? Do we really need fourteen crockpots, two of them broken, one with a foot missing, and two more without lids? Do we really need the 100th tie when we no longer wear suits? Do we need instead to check in with friends we have not talked to for a while? Call the relative we have not communicated with to let them know we are thinking about them.

This November let us look at the things that really count and concentrate on those things.

“You really can take treasures to heaven. It is your children and friends.” An old coach once told me. Wise words to ponder as we contemplate how we perceive the coming holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving

                  Yours in Christ,

                               Pastor Mark