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July!! Parades, Picnics, and Jesus,

We have just completed one of our busiest Junes ever. First there was the annual conference at Lakeside. At the conference, we received one half of our Revitalization Grant to refurbish Fellowship Hall. In the initial phase, we will be adding new lights to the stage and reconfiguring the layout of the stage. This will update the worship area to make it more inviting. The conference itself had wonderful worship, including the ordination of elders and the recognition of those serving in the church and through the church. The best things for me were the worship services. 2,000 people all singing and praying together is quite moving. More about the conference can be found on First Church’s website.

As we settled in the office after Annual Conference, then there was the annual Unity Alliance Picnic. This even, where twenty churches in Hamilton get together to eat, listen to music, and fellowship together is always a good time. Part of the music at the picnic came from our own Praise Band. They represented First UMC very well and deserve our thanks. We could have used a little less heat but seeing folks we don’t normally get to talk to made up for the discomfort.

Vacation Bible School came next with lots of laughter, lots of music, and lots of fun. Many people came together to make VBS happen. We all need to thank them for their successful efforts.

Finally, in June was a gathering of 47 teens from Michigan and Illinois here at first to stay overnight and worship with us before doing mission work here in Hamilton under the auspices of Group Mission Trips – Workcamp, Home Repair. Wonderful chaos.

Things are happening at First. Our lunch continues to feed people every Saturday. Alongside our lunch, Sue Guttag and Gail Beavers from Cornerstone Church will be offering the Faith and Finance course to help our guests learn to manage the resources they do have.

July is the peak of the vacation season. We hope that all your travels are safe and fun. Please remember that church finances do not take vacations. Your thoughtful continuation of your pledges will be most appreciated.

Looking forward to participating in the Hamilton Fourth of July Parade. Come out and walk or ride with us. If you can’t do that, come to the parade and wave back.

In the mean time.

See you Sunday.

God Bless, Pastor Mark