All are journeying.
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Hello Everyone,

August is the month when not much is going on. We had a wonderful turn out for the Fourth of July parade both in participants and those on the side cheering us on. There are pictures of our folks elsewhere in this newsletter.


Beginning this month, we will have a service of healing. Look for that to happen on the 5th. The next week on the 12th we will bless backpacks and we will take in new members.  Family Promise moves in the same week for us to host the current families. All the committees will be meeting in anticipation of the start of the new liturgical year.


It is exciting to be part of the ministries here at First. As I look at and participate in these ministries, I am reminded of what Jesus said to his disciples when they came back from their adventures when he sent out the seventy-two. The disciples came back all excited about all they had accomplished. They healed the sick, they cast out demons, and they saw people hear and get excited about the good news. Jesus shared in their joy and complimented their efforts. Then he said, “However, don’t rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10: 20)


See you Sunday.

God Bless, Pastor Mark