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Hello Everyone,


Since early July, I have been watching the days get shorter. The cardinals come to the juniper tree later than they did back then. The shorter days and longer evenings did allow me to see Jupiter and Saturn chase each other through the southern sky all through August. The gardens are still full of flowers like the painted daisies, the coneflowers, the black-eyed susans, and the tall yellow ones I cannot remember their names. Bird feeders are still full but there is more of a frenzy now. I noticed the hummingbirds are not as trim as they were back in June, though I would never tell Ms. Hummingbird she was getting a little hefty. The goldfinches are hanging around their feeder more as they too are filling up.

September is the month when the friends we have accumulated around the gardens and the feeders are getting ready to leave for their winter homes. Some will head south, others will shed their above ground dresses and sleep under the ground. They will leave to us the crisp fall breezes and the colors of the trees yet to come.


In this season of pandemics and politics, the birds and flowers have taught me, yet again, that God’s creation continues to function. It will do it with us or without us. Life goes on. “There is an occasion for everything, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) To me there is a reassurance in that. That no matter what my circumstance, God’s purpose will continue. “Look I have written your name on the palms of my hands.” And I am included in that purpose as understood by God. We all have purpose. It is up to you and me to carry it out for a God who cares enough to hold us in the palms of his hands.   


May your blessings continue,

Pastor Mark