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Dear Friends,

It’s May. What a glorious month. May is the peak of spring. Everything is in bloom. Garden centers are full of all kinds of colorful plants and trees just ready for the planting. There is the fragrance of new mown grass. In May, it seems the world has come fully alive.

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th where we will be honoring Mothers who are practicing and those who practiced on us. Mothers do a lot of pondering with their practicing. Luke 2:19 tells us that, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” All of the accolades heaped on her baby in the temple, like Simeon declaring that he can die now that he has seen him. Mary remembered the shepherds stopping by telling of the announcement in the sky of his birth, the wise men traveling all that way, just to give him gifts and bow to him.  And then there is Anna, the prophet, eight-four years old, spending her adult life “fasting and praying”, prophesying that Jesus was to bring the redemption of Jerusalem. Then there is the time that Jesus gave his parents the slip to ask questions and talk to the priests in the temple when he was twelve.  How amazed they all were of his intelligence and reasoning.

All of that is a lot to ponder.

As we go through this month of blooms and warming weather, we have a lot to ponder as well. This precocious young boy preached and died for our salvation. He was crucified, rose from the dead and promised he would come back to take us with him to heaven. May, with all of its blooms and warmth, is entirely in the Easter season and is a month where we can ponder within God’s glorious creation.


    Grace and Peace, 

                   Pastor Mark