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Wedding Application

June 20, 2012


We welcome you to First United Methodist for your wedding experience. We know that each couple who comes to us is unique and ought to have a unique experience. We will work with you, however there are values of the congregation that you must agree to. For this reason, you will be charged at $300.00 deposit. The $100 non-refundable portion of the deposit will be applied to your costs. The $200.00 will be returned two weeks following your wedding provided that you abide by our values.

1.   First United Methodist is a sacred place. This means that the building and its contents will be treated with respect. Weddings are understood to be sacred. As

such, the staff has final say as to appropriateness of any wedding's content.

2.   First UMC has a policy of no alcohol or drugs (including cigarettes ) in the church building. No alcohol on the church grounds, either. Failure to abide by this value

forfeits your deposit.

3.   First United Methodist respects all people. This means that everyone will be

treated graciously, even if they do not look like we do. We have a free community

lunch on Saturdays and members of the lunch are our guests and should be treated

as such.

4.   First United Methodist have final say on appropriate behavior. If there is no staff present, our wedding coordinators have this authority.


If you can agree to these values, then we welcome you to First United Methodist

and will work with you to make your wedding day a memorable one that reflects the personalities of the parties involved.


Datae of Wedding _________________________________________


Bride’s Information


Name   ______________________________                                                      


Address _____________________________                                                      




Phones Home: ______________________                                            


Cell: _____________________________                                                


Work:  ___________________________                                                 


Email: ___________________________          


Groom’s Information


Name   ______________________________                                                        


Address ______________________________                                                      




Phones Home: _____________________                                            


Cell:    ____________________________                                                      


Work:    ___________________________                                                    


Email:    __________________________                                                


Minister other than Rev Garrison we would like to use:




Wk Phone                                                                  Cell: __________________________  work                                                     



Person we would like to use for the music at our wedding:                  



Wk Phone                                                                   Cell:    ___________________  Work ____                                            




We agree that we and our wedding party will abide by First UMC's values. We

covenant to uphold them during our wedding and/or reception at First UMC.



                                                                   G                Groom              &                                         Bride

Please contact us at 513-896-5683 for a Wedding Application.  Coming soon to this website.  Then mail in the Wedding Application with $300.00 deposit to:


                                  First UMC

                                  225 Ludlow St.

                                  Hamilton, OH 45011


To reserve your date. 



You may pay your application fee through PayPal, below.


If you have questions, call the church at 513-896-5683 and speak with our church Administrative Assistant, Vicki.  She is very helpful.


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If you use Paypal to pay your fees, you need to add the 3% fee to cover the charge to the church from Paypal.  Thanks.

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